This is a model of a Ratel-20 IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

Originally created with Blender v2.79

The Ratel is a South African infantry fighting vehicle. It was the first wheeled infantry fighting vehicle to enter service worldwide and was built on a modified MAN truck chassis. The Ratel was designed in response to a South African Army specification for a light armoured vehicle suited to the demands of rapid offensives combining maximum firepower and strategic mobility. Unlike most contemporary IFVs, Ratels were not intended to fight in concert with tanks in a major conventional war, but provide strategic mobility to mechanised infantry units accustomed to operating independently across the vast distances of Southern Africa

This model was designed for use as a real-time asset in a video game or simulation. This model is an accurate representation of Ratel-20 using a scale of 1 unit = 1 meters.

This model contains 6 separate objects

There are extra elements in the preview images that are not included in the file.
All preview images are rendered with the Cycles Renderer
No Photoshop or compositing used, Product is ready to render out-of-the-box. If you render this file using a different version of this renderer, you may not have the same results as you see on the thumbnails.

Model is built to real-world scale
Scene objects are organized by layers / grou