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Game Title: GO-4-Soldier-1

Publisher: ARMSCor Studios

Developer: ARMSCor Studios

Launch Date: 3 Dec 2019

Price: U$14.99

Platforms: PC (Mac and iOS later)


Website: ARMSCor Studios


GO-4-Soldier-1 is a simple to play, hard to master turn-based strategy game set in the African bush. Fight your way through ten beautifully handcrafted levels, while strategically navigating fixed spaces on a grid to combat enemies and avoid dangerous animals.


This visually stunning turn-based strategy game focuses on forward-thinking to make your way through progressively challenging levels. "A challenge for even the most accomplished generals."

You will face deadly challenges, not only from man but nature.

  • Challenging puzzles that put your soldering skills to the test.

  • Navigate using simple directional buttons.

  • Use supportive tactics, overwatch and smoke grenades to your advantage.

  • Experience 3D visuals and captivating African bush sounds.

  • Fight dangerous rebels and avoid deadly African animals.

  • Different enemy types with unique and deadly behaviours.

  • Use mutually supported gameplay to solve complex puzzles.

  • Collect ALL enemy intel and weapons caches.

ARMSCor Studios brings you a solo indie developed game, the first instalment of our future RTS platform roadmap.


ARMSCor Studios was founded in 2013 by me (Dana Beck) after the birth of our little girl. Because of circumstances, I had to leave my fulltime job to take care of her. I started working and reskilling myself, learning at first Photoshop and 3D modelling in Blender. As I had no art background, this was quite a challenge for me. I have always been interested in the military engineering side of things, so naturally gravitated towards modding military-themed games. With everybody and his mother doing U.S. and Russian military equipment, I went back to my roots and started with Southern African military equipment, with a strong secondary passion for Australian military equipment as my newly adopted country. In 2018 my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour, putting more pressure on me to take ARMSCor Studios commercial. The vision is to represent Australasia and Southern Africa in its totality more in video games and digital media. Fauna, flora, locations, culture, etc.

Like everything in life, you have to start small, so the recent release of our first game, GO-4-Soldier-1 is our first small step to our eventual goal of a much larger RTS style game. The hope is that a measure of financial success from GO-4-Soldier-1 will help fund the development of our next game.

Request Demo

To request a demo build please contact us at

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